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After successfully completing my bachelor’s degree, the time of meaningfulness finally arrived. This didn’t come through love or money, but through passion.

I finally felt truly fulfilled in my acting studies. There was so much longing for expression buried within me, and on stage, there was so much hope for expression and human connection.

During auditions at major acting schools in the German-speaking world, I felt young and brave, but also deaf and abandoned, yet expressive and full of belief in my purpose. This belief was occasionally shaken by sharp comments from the jury. Regardless, I persisted. And my efforts paid off. Just not as I had expected. Instead of undergoing another three years of training, with the prospect of another bachelor’s degree, I completed my master’s in performance art in two. It was a wild mix of theater visits in Hamburg, living between the library, stage, and dance lessons. For the first time in my life, I encountered true envy, pettiness, and competitive behavior. It was a super exciting field of research, with many applicants and only a few coveted spots, but unfortunately, due to internal conflicts, the University of Hamburg’s program only continued for one more year after mine. The departure was: Surrender, Fall, Straighten the crown, Shake off everything, and take off – a process that lasted about 8 months.

I moved to Berlin, and in retrospect, it was less about the „oh-so-artistic life in Berlin“ and much more about constant filming in front of the camera.

I became more confident on set, and I became even more addicted to shooting and filming experiences, satisfying this thirst as much as I could.

So, what do I mean by saying that not much has actually changed? Well, I’m still doing the same thing; I’m quenching this thirst. It’s just that now I work internationally with agencies from South Africa, Mexico City, and Barcelona. But my dream to perform, my passion for physical expression, and my longing to connect these worlds still remain at the forefront