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an actress, performer and traveler – exploring the world with a flair of authenticity


A Journey of Artistry

Ina von Blümle, a 30-year-old German artist, excels in languages and performance art. With a Master's degree from the University of Hamburg, she's a versatile talent in acting, contemporary dance, and yoga. Ina's global appeal is evident in her multilingual fluency and diverse roles, including a notable appearance in Nivea commercials. Her dedication to the arts extends to teaching dance and practicing Hatha Yoga, showcasing her passion for both creativity and wellness.


Mexico City, Berlin & Wien



Playing age:

18 to 32 years

Actual age:

30 years


5 feet 6.5 inches (172 cm)



Ethnicity or Heritage:


Achievements and Milestones

Hightlights And Notable Collaborations

coming soon! English short Film
Role: Polly, dancer and actress
Regisseur: Julia Mücke, Production: doity Berlin, Casting Director: Jan Prahl, Choreography: Nicholas Palmquist
Johannes Oerding, Pianoversion "Ungeschminkt"
Role: Dancer
Regisseur: Julia Mücke, Production: Sony, Casting Director: Malte Goy
Karol G - Provenza
Role: Dancer
Regisseur: Pedro Artola, Production: Juan Vasquez
Gothaer - Image Kampagne
Role: Artist (main role)
Regisseur: Nick Rutter, Casting Director: It's us Production
Galaxus (Werbefilm)
Role: Speaking Customer
Regisseur: Cris Cristallo, Production: Plan B Zürich

Brands I Have Worked With

Hotel Features

As a hotel content creator, I blend my passion for modeling and travel to showcase hotels in a captivating light. From serene retreats to vibrant city escapes, my videos offer a glimpse into the unique experiences each hotel provides. For hoteliers seeking to elevate their property's presence with a touch of my elegance and authenticity, I invite you to request my comprehensive portfolio and see how we can collaborate to create an inviting visual narrative for your hotel.


A World of Expression and Sensitivity

Explore a curated selection of Ina’s professional modeling and acting projects. This gallery showcases her versatility and talent across various media and styles, from high-fashion shoots to compelling acting roles.

Dive into the vibrant lifestyle captures of Ina. This collection highlights her natural elegance and charisma, portraying her in settings that range from the casual and relaxed to the chic and sophisticated.

Experience the fluidity and grace of Ina’s dance performances. This section features her expressive movement in different dance styles, capturing the artistry and passion that dance brings to her life.

Get a glimpse of Ina’s dynamic and athletic side. From yoga to surfing, these images celebrate her love for sports and an active lifestyle, showcasing her strength, flexibility, and adventurous spirit.

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